People occupied the Faroe Islands 300 years earlier than we thought

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Humans 16 December 2021

By Chen Ly

Faroe Islands. Northern Atlantic 2017 Ei?i, Eysturoy, Faeroe Islands

The Faroe Islands

dataichi - Simon Dubreuil/Getty Images

People arrived connected the Faroe Islands – a North Atlantic archipelago betwixt Iceland, Norway and the British Isles – earlier than we thought, predating the accomplishment of Norse Vikings by astir 300 years.

The earliest nonstop grounds of quality colony connected the Faroe Islands dates backmost to the accomplishment of the Vikings successful astir AD 800. But charred barley grains and cereal atom pollen connected the islands dating backmost to astir AD 500 indirectly hint that farming indispensable person existed connected the islands pre-Viking.

Now, William D’Andrea astatine …

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