Florian Solzbacher interview: Mind-reading implant may soon go on sale

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The president of Blackrock Neurotech says the company’s brain-computer interface, designed for radical who are paralysed, could beryllium disposable successful 2022 if regulators o.k. it

Health 24 December 2021

By Clare Wilson

Circuit Board With Encoder And Decoder Binary Code Vector Background. Blue Abstract Brain Security Technology Illustration.

Technology tin work encephalon signals to power a computer

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A encephalon implant that lets radical who are incapable to talk due to the fact that of paralysis pass by thought could spell connected merchantability for the archetypal clip successful 2022.

The technology, known arsenic a brain-computer interface, involves a tiny electrode that is enactment permanently into the encephalon to observe neural signals, allowing radical to power a computer. It has seen occurrence successful probe studies, including successful recognising people’s wishes to determination a machine cursor and imagining writing letters by hand.

There are …

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